We provide the expert HR support you need, so you can focus on leading your business

Mind Squad HR provides results-focused human capital solutions that focus on creating more successful, productive, and high-performance organizations.  Regardless of your size, we can help you establish, out-source and troubleshoot essential Human Resource functions.

Our team of professionals offers a range of HR services designed to help employers improve organizational and business performance through people, efficiencies and best practices.

HR might not be your expertise or maybe you are an HR professional looking to outsource a burdensome project. Either way, we provide the expert HR support you need so you can focus on leading your business and drive positive business outcomes.

Mind Squad HR can function as your entire HR department depending on your needs or we can just work on a specific project that is a pain point for your company.

How do you know what services you need? Give us a call or keep scrolling to see if our HR Outsourcing service or our HR Consulting projects would be the best fit for your company.


We can do it all…or just what you need!

Human Resources Outsourcing

MindSquad HR can function as your entire HR department or just manage certain key elements of your HR Department to help with your day-to-day and strategic HR needs.

Employee Engagement in a Digital World

HR Departments have long been entrusted with some of the most vital functions in an organization, starting at talent acquisition, moving to performance/productivity mapping, upskilling, and even outplacement.

Project Based Consulting

Do you have a specific HR pain-point that you need help addressing? Our HR projects alleviate the burden of these common HR problems on your business’s resources and leadership.